About me

I am an Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology student at BCIT, who's also interested in programming and writing.

Photos of ECET Projects

Printed Circuit Board With Components

This is the PCB for a DC power supply after I had finished soldering all the components to it.

PCB and Transformer

This is the transformer and the PCB after being installed into the chassis of the DC power supply.

Chassis and Face Plate

This picture was taken part way through soldering the DC wires to the back of the face plate.

Breadboard with 3 Circuits

An early digital techniques lab project, with three circuits that run on grayhill switches and give an LED output. (Rightmost circuit switch is removed in this photo)

Power Supply Before Assembling Panels

After soldering all the wires to the appropriate faceplate functions, and using cable ties to make it look neat.

Completed Power Supply

After screwing on the backplate and faceplate, but before adding the -15V, variable 0-15V, +5V, and common port labels.

2-bit Multiplier Circuit

Circuit that takes 2 2-bit binary numbers as input from the switch and multiplies them together. The wiring could be neater, but there were some pretty harsh time constraints.

Multiplier Circuit with PLD

2-bit multiplier circuit with PLD shown. The PLD is programmed in AHDL to take the binary output of the circuit and turn on the appropriate LEDs on the 7-segment display.